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Carl Anderson

“I think the first thing I heard from the record was ‘Separate Ways’ and it immediately reminded me of the best parts of what I liked about Bob Dylan’s Time Out of Mind.  It took me back a bit to think that there wasn’t a wider audience that had heard it yet, and I wanted to figure out a way to change that.”   It’s high praise to be compared to the gentleman who arguably invented the job description for every songwriter that came after him, especially on a debut record. But Don DiLego, who is releasing Carl Anderson’s LP Risk of Loss on Velvet Elk Records, is onto something.  Carl Anderson, a young singer and songwriter from Virginia, has a rare authenticity, a quality that manages to be both self-assured and yet decidedly free from pretension– a subtle confidence and humility that puts him in step with an older stock of songwriter.  It’s a voice that manages to be both virtuosic and yet free from airs; never outshining the simplicity his words;  words that never outshine the song.  And like all great songs, they always seem to dictate the motions of our hearts before our heads have time to figure out exactly what they’re about.   Carl Anderson’s story reads like the stuff of legend.  It’s almost too perfect– like a page torn from the annals of the American Songbook, or the unread script of a made-for-TV special on what we want our artists to look like. Carl was […]