Hollis Brown – “Run Right To You” Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl – Pre-Order NOW

7 Jacket (3mm Spine One Hole) [GDOB-17H3O1-001].eps

The days are winding down here to the release of Hollis Brown‘s new single, “Run Right To You.” The single will be officially available 28 Oct, but you can pre-order now. PRE-ORDER.

Reaching back to their raw and energetic sessions for “Gets Loaded,” a critically lauded, song for song revisiting of The Velvet Underground’s seminal album, Hollis re-teamed with Don DiLego for the new single “Run Right To You.” It’s one of the songs who’s e energy bleeds through the recording. From vocalist Mike Montali’s raw lead to Jonathan Bonilla’s ragged guitar solo, “Run Right To You” captures everything that’s great about a band that has been a growing live act for years. The song was recorded at Velvet Elk Studios, deep ing the woods of Northeast PA, in just a couple takes. For the B-side to the single, the band chose to release a cover of Jesse Malin’s “She Don’t Love Me Now.” Recorded live in Italy, it’s a soulful and heartfelt take on what’s quickly becoming a live classic.