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Magnificent Ram A, the forthcoming album from Don DiLego, saw it’s roots form in Portland, OR with producer/engineer Gregg Williams (Blitzen Trapper, Dandy Warhols, The Decemberists), and wind it’s way back East to the wooded Pennsylvania retreat that is Velvet Elk Studios. Many of those original sessions found their way onto his last album, 2012’s Western & Atlantic, which won an Independent Music Award for “Best Roots/Alt Country Album.” The remnants of those original sessions form the foundation of a project he’s long thought about…a collection of click-track free analog recordings that embrace their imperfections and happy accidents.

On the heels of producing the recent releases from Jesse Malin (New York Before the War, Outsiders) and Hollis Brown (Loaded, 3 Shots), Don set aim at finishing the album that’s never been far from his mind. An album that would be, perhaps, less meticulous in process than his critically acclaimed Photographs of 1971. From the thunderous drone of the opening track “Karma King,” to the more intimate and personal one-take vision of “Idiot Heart,” it’s his most ambitious set of recordings to date.


“Magnificent Ram A, in short, is DiLego’s masterpiece” – No Depression

“Magnificent Ram A is the album you’ve been dreaming of” – BuzzFeed

“DiLego brings a stunner or a record that showcases his songwriting talents throughout”. – Paste Magazine

“(Drive Like Pirates) Could well be your new favourite song of the week”. – CHRIS HAWKINS / BBC 6 MUSIC

“The single Drive Like Pirates) is excellent” – Bob Harris / BBC2

“Top 10 Americana Record for 2016.” – No Depression

“A bold step forward for DiLego” – Popdose

“Astounding” – Arena.com

“One to watch” – The Guardian

Released 15 Jul 2016
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Produced and Mixed by Don DiLego

Karma King • Colin Killalea, Riley McMahon, and DD – all instrumentation

A Wishful Poem • P.aul Garisto,- drums, Erik Olsen, – bass, vocals, C. Killalea and
DD – keys, Derek Cruz – electric gtr, Mike Montali – vocals

Drive Like Pirates • Marwan Kanafani and DD – stomps and claps, all guitars, E. Olsen – bass vocals, Paul Brainard, trumpet, Willie Matheis – tenor sax, Marcus Tenney – sax

Go Pack Your Suitcase • P. Garisto – drums, E. Olsen – bass, P. Brainard, pedal steel and trumpet, Lex Browning – tenor sax, D. Cruz – electric gtr, DD – guitar and piano

I’m on Fire • Gregg Williams – drums, E. Olsen, bass and vocals, P. Brainard – lap steel and horns, DD – guitar and piano

Up in Smoke • P. Garisto – drums, E. Olsen – vocals, Rob Shelton – additional keys, DD – all guitars and piano

Don’t Bury Me Alive • M. Kanafani – drums guitar stomps and vocals, E. Olsen – bass vocals stomps and guitar, DD – banjo, guitar, piano, organ

The West Side Oak • G. Williams – drums, C. Killalea – guitars vocals, R. McMahon – banjos vocals, P. Brainard – lap steel, Marwan Kanafan – stomps vocals

Running in Place With a Desperate Heart • G. Williams – drums, E. Olsen – guitar vocals, P. Brainard – steel n trumpet, – Scott Van Schoick – trombone, Tristan Forney – tuba

Idiot Heart • P. Brainard – pedal steel and baritone sax, R. Shelton – keys, E.Olsen – vocals, DD – piano

Where not noted, all other instruments and unidentified sounds by DD.

These incredibly studios provided creative havens – Tiny Telephone, The Trench, Mercy Sound, Secret Society, White Star Sound, and The Velvet Elk.

These additionally incredible folks helped shape the sounds – Gregg Williams, Riley McMahon, Jacob Wink, Rob Shelton, Mike Rogers.

Lastly, and beyond the unending thank yous to those listed above, a humble heart of thanks to – Ursula Murphy,, Tom Baker, Jesse Malin, Diane Gentile, Bree Sharp, John Vanderslice, Daniel Palmer, Chris Keup, Scott Campbell, Marty “Gold” Fowler, Blaine O’ Brien, my entire bi-coastal band, Velvet Elk Records, the talented and generous Javier Piñón, whose artwork graces this album (and the last), and the unwaveringingly loyal, patient, and supportive, Miss Amanda Case. And, of course, thank you.