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Beautiful Small Machines may be synthetic, but they’re not stupid. Caught somewhere between the 70’s, 80’s and deep space, this electro-pop duo learned about comedy from adult swim and heartache from Philip K. Dick and they’re spewing it all back out at you like a bunch of mandroids on whiskey and psycho-pharmaceuticals. Fun, Sad, Creepy and Clever – Beautiful Small Machines is the retro-future.


Plenty of people will fall in love with them. | Stereo Subversion

Check out this band, they’ll take you for a walk with robots in outer space. | The Deli – NYC

I discovered this to be the most poignant love song I’ve heard in a long time. | The Burning Ear

Their collaboration produces upbeat synth rock with catchy hooks and clever lyrics. It’s a great intro to their other work, both in BSM and solo. | WNYC (Soterios Johnson)

Robots in Love is so radio friendly I thought it was familiar the very first time I played it. That’s not to say it’s derivative, just comfy. The more I hear this record the more I like every song on it. I do find when one of these songs comes on in shuffle mode, I get a stupid happy grin on my face. | Collected Sounds

It’s a bit like Grandaddy, The Postal Service and The Ting Tings forming a super band. It’s undeniably defrosted this jaded blogger’s heart, that’s for sure. They’ve managed to instantly win me over. | Battery In Your Leg Blog

All around dope EP. When robots rule the world, they will listen to songs like this on their vintage CD players and hi-tech mp3 players! | BBQRobotChicken

Indeed…fun, sad, creepy and clever are almost the exact words that I would like to use to summarize this New York based electro-pop duo. | Shakefire.com

Have you ever heard a song before that could most aptly be described as electro-country? Whether you have or not, you’re just about to! It’s gloriously cute and happy, danceable and adorable. Beautiful Small Machines are undoubtedly one of my favourite discoveries of 2009 so far. | Into The Groove UK

Summer time blues taking away get up and dance pop music – great fun. “It’s a simple computation. You take easy conversation, add erotic exploration. But when he said ‘I love you, girl,’ shoulda come with a warning.” Internal rhymes with excellent rhythm – some great pop writing | Eartaste

Oh my my my my my, I have found the most amazing electronic/pop band ever. Not only does the singer actually have an amazing voice, but she writes the songs AND the beats are phenomenal. Their sound and flair are so fresh and original… They have an amazing blend of genres and blend electronic beats with rock star guitar pieces. Fantastic. Bravo Beautiful Small Machines, bravo. | Earbuds Blog

Released 06 Jan 2009
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Produced by Don DiLego
All songs written by Beautiful Small Machines (Bree Sharp, Don DiLego)