Beautiful Small Machines - Simple Joys

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Released in 20101001

About the Album

Label: Velvet Elk

Beautiful Small Machines’ follow up single to their critically acclaimed debut EP, Robots in Love. Simple Joys is a heartfelt ode to the lead replicant characters, Roy and Pris, in the sci-fi classic “Blade Runner.” Singer Bree Sharp digs in for some of her best lyrics to date…

I was built from the cold of man

With the hands of Marquis de Sade (a cruel façade)

If I could somehow spend another day with you

I’d pluck out the eyes of God

Featuring the distinct vocals of Duran Duran‘s own Simon LeBon, who became a fan of the band early on, Simple Joys is a mature leap in the songwriting of Beautiful Small Machines, and a slight twist to their bouncier predecessor.




Produced by Don DiLego
Guest vocals by Simon LeBon of Duran Duran
Written by Beautiful Small Machines (Bree Sharp, Don DiLego)
Recorded at Velvet Elk Studios


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