Don DiLego - The Lonestar Companion Vol. 2

Lonestar_Companion_300 copy

Released in 20031201

About the Album

Velvet Elk Records / Kingcuts

Three months, thirty states, fifteen thousand miles, and one dog. Set in motion by a chance meeting with a brooklyn-bound subway rider calling himself “The Lonestar Hitchhiker”, Don DiLego set out in search of inspiration to tell an account of the stranger’s story…a story he hoped would write itself on the open road. It did. A collection of journal, observation, rhyme, and confession, “The Lonestar Hitchhiker” is Don’s cinematic debut LP record. A concept album for the new millennium.

The album seems to draw significant inspiration from equal parts Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Wilco and Beck. An experiment in pop gone awry with all the subtle trappings of a rusty barbed-wire fence, bad cowboy poetry, and a coin-operated acoustic guitar.


Produced by Don DiLego