Velvet Elk Studios

Lodged in the remote woods and ruins of what was once a bastion of newlywed escapism, Velvet Elk Studios has been tucked away, far outside the traffic and horns and electrical buzz of New York City, for almost 10 years now. Don DiLego built his studio as a way to record and create without the buzz and distraction, and managed to make a name for his place for just those reasons. Beautiful Small Machines invented their critical debut there, “Robots in Love,” as well as their follow up, “The DJ Stayed Home”. Jesse Malin and The St. Marks Social found  The Velvet Elk as an early song incubator, and Don wrote the soundtrack to the feature film “Ranchero” there, while curious deer gnawed grass in the studio window. The studio remains a great escape, both creatively and physically, to the many artists and friends in the Velvet Elk Records world, and we’re looking forward to a growing stew of artist stories and creations emanating from The Velvet Elk.


Gear list coming soon.


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Recording Escapists

  • Don DiLego
  • Jesse Malin
  • Hollis Brown
  • The Fox and the Bandit
  • Arthur Moon
  • Beautiful Small Machines
  • Bree Sharp
  • Ensemble, et al
  • Diane Gentile
  • Daniel Palmer
  • Eleanor Dubinsky
  • Eric Underwood
  • Black Lake
  • We Are the Drummer
  • California Sons
  • Trustfall
  • Amazon Dart